Pool Systems Technology

Pool System Technology

Pool System Technology is changing as we get better and better at redesigning old systems, harnessing new technology, and overcoming the problems in the industry with ingenuity and creativity. If you are interested in all in advances in pool technology and what is happening on the forefront of this industry, then you will want to stay tuned to Mid 44.com for all the latest developments.


Which System is Best?Salt Chlorinator pool system

Salt water pools, ozone systems, ionization, chlorine free alternatives, etc. there is certainly a lot of choices when it comes to the best system for your individual needs. The question with all the hype and marketing out there, all the voices in the industry claiming they have the solution for the best pool water maintenance solution, what are the facts? What are the strengths and drawbacks of each system? Are new technologies any better than the old ones when it comes to giving you reliable, economical, sustainable pool water solutions?

Various Pool Systems

Chlorine Free Pool SystemsAre the super popular salt water pool systems the best? What are their drawbacks, problems, advantages, etc.? Is an ozone system right for my system, and what about other chlorine generator technologies, or what about chlorine free alternatives? Which is going to be best for my residential or commercial pool installation.

Taking a Deeper Look

We will dive into the pool industry, take a look at pool sanitation systems of the past, pool water technologies emerging on the market, and systems of the foreseeable future to try and get a grasp on the realities of modern pool care maintenance. We think you will like what you discover as you dive deep into the details and discoveries you will find at mid44.com.

Stay Tuned

So stay tuned, check back often, and discover the world of emerging and standard pool equipment technology.